Bono and U2 Desi-i-i-i-ire That You Don’t Vote for Donald Trump

Bono, never one to shy away from big American-flag imagery (remember the Super Bowl jacket?) or from sharing some political opinions, used his time during the iHeartRadio festival to bring down a certain Republican presidential candidate. When it came time for U2 to perform “Desire,” the group mixed it up with some video footage of Donald Trump speaking at the podium. Bono asked the crowd in Las Vegas if they were ready to gamble their car or the American dream, as Trump repeated onscreen, “What do you have to lose?” The band’s opinion on what Americans have to lose by voting Trump into power? “Everything.” In case you couldn’t understand the tone of Bono’s wailing, the big screens behind him played footage of massive explosions. Subtle.  

U2 Turn Trump’s Words Against Him in Concert