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Underworld: Blood Wars Trailer: Kate Beckinsale Just Can’t Kick These Damn Lycans

It seems fairly crazy that there is a fifth Underworld movie — that this franchise has been with us for 13 years. But it gets less crazy when you consider the possibility that Kate Beckinsale is actually an ageless vampire, and so these movies are her only precious respite from a life of playing coquettish human characters that force her to sheathe her fangs and wear those boring (yet striking) brown contacts to hide her icy-blue eyes. Yes, that is the less crazy scenario than Underworld: Blood Wars, which just got a new trailer at New York Comic Con. Beckinsale looks amazing in pleather. The Lycans (a.k.a. werewolves) are still gaining strength and causing huge problems for her kind, and Charles Dance is here. So this is a pretty standard-issue Underworld outing, except now there’s Theo James in the emotional role that was probably previously occupied by Scott Speedman, and Selene is going to transform into some kind of super-vampire. You can watch the first trailer below and the new one from Comic Con one above.

Underworld: Blood Wars Trailer: Vamp It Up, Kate