Adult Swim Voice Actor Clay Martin Croker Dead at 54

Longtime Adult Swim animator and voice actor Clay Martin Croker has died, the A.V. Club reports. He was 54. Croker was known for playing Zorak and Moltar on Cartoon Network’s talk show Space Ghost Coast to Coast, a series that helped shape what would become Adult Swim. The show placed intergalactic superhero Space Ghost on a talk show, with the animated character conducting hostile interviews with real-life celebrities who never seemed to be aware of what kind of show they had agreed to appear on (so essentially the space version of the Eric Andre Show). Details haven’t been released, but Adult Swim tweeted about his death earlier today. He reportedly animated promos for TNT in the early ’90s, and transitioned over to Cartoon Network a few years later. Eventually, Croker reprised his role as Zorak on The Brak Show and Cartoon Planet, and played the mad scientist Dr. Weird on Adult Swim super-hit Aqua Teen Hunger Force. See a clip from Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and Adult Swim’s tweet below.

Voice Actor Clay Martin Croker Dead at 54