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Watch Amy Schumer Shut Down a Heckler by Staying Cool and Heckling an Appropriate Amount Back

Amy Schumer may have recently proven less-facile than we want her to be at dealing with nuanced criticism about her actions as a feminist and a comedian, but dang does the woman still know how to shut down an out-and-out jerk. At a stand-up show in Stockholm, Sweden, on Wednesday, Schumer gave a lesson in rising above it — but not too far — when she was interrupted by a heckler. The patron, clearly confused about the appropriate level of audience participation, yelled: “Show us your tits!” Schumer passed and then chatted up the gentleman (donning an apparent “I Love Pussies” tee), until he set himself up for a very solid burn. Upon learning that the dude works in sales, Schumer asked, “How’s that working out? … Because we’re not buying it.” Watch the exchange, which made for a much more satisfying coda than some questionable blocks on Twitter, above.

Watch Amy Schumer Shut a Heckler Down