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Watch an Exclusive Clip From Sadako vs. Kayako, the Freddy vs. Jason of Japanese Horror

In the great tradition of Japanese horror cinema, two villains stand out among the rest: Sadako Yamamura from the Ring trilogy and Kayako Saeki of the Ju-on franchise. While Sadako, the terrifying girl who crawls out of TVs, was known as Samara in the 2002 American adaptation of The Ring, Kayako kept her name in the 2004 American adaptation of Ju-on, called The Grudge. Now, director Kôji Shiraishi is bringing you the ultimate unholy showdown of J-horror with Sadako vs. Kayako. Think of it as the Freddy vs. Jason of Japan, in which two mythical baddies battle it out, since humanity can only truly be spared from their wrath if they take on each other. The movie makes its international premiere this Saturday at the Toronto International Film Festival, where it’s screening in the Midnight Madness section, but we have an exclusive clip in advance of the showing. You’ll be able to see Sadako vs. Kayako later this year when it comes to the horror-specific streaming service Shudder.

Watch an Exclusive Clip From Sadako vs. Kayako