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Will & Grace, and Jack & Karen, Are Back With a New Scene About the 2016 Election

Earlier today, we learned that Will & Grace would be back in some capacity, and we didn’t have to wait long to find out how. In the hours before the first 2016 presidential debate, the long-gone show released a scene about the upcoming election. Little has changed for Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack since they went off the air in 2006; the gang still barges into Will’s apartment without notice, Karen has some fantastic jewelry, Jack can’t keep a boyfriend, and everything inside the fridge looks like it’s ten years old. Of course, some things are different: Now Rosario has a new perfect phrase for referring to the gang, courtesy of Hillary Clinton, and Jack turns to a new crop of pop stars to influence his every decision. Watch the video above for your dose of nostalgia and a reminder to get out and vote.

Watch Brand-New Will & Grace 2016 Election Scene