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Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne Bring Their War on Record Labels to Ellen

Well, can’t say they didn’t warn ya. Both Chance and Lil Wayne have been telling record labels for years not to stop them, and yet, it seems their point won’t be properly made until they scream it on daytime TV. Enter Ellen DeGeneres. The two, along with 2 Chainz, stopped by Ellen on Thursday to perform “No Problem” because, as it turns out, they do have one big problem. Lately, Lil Wayne’s been on his last leg attempting to claw his way out of a contract with Birdman and Cash Money, while Chance has been anti-labels from the start. So, naturally, the performance involves two of the three dread-headed rappers not just in a label’s lobby, but all three of them crashing the set of an executive meeting. Wayne even takes it even a step further, altering his final lyric to “And if Cash Money try to stop me, I’ma let ‘em rob me. Yeah right, like Ryan Lochte.” Chance later explained that other award and TV shows rejected this same performance. We can’t imagine why.

Watch Chance, Lil Wayne Perform on Ellen