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Chris Hardwick Delivers Another Supercut of @midnight Donald Trump Insults — Ahem, ‘Accurate Descriptions’

Remember those quaint days of December 2015 when Donald Trump was but one of a bazillion Republicans vying to be the party’s presidential candidate? But even at that early stage there were already enough headlines created by Trump to fill a full supercut’s worth of jokes from @midnight host Chris Hardwick. Now, nine months, one clinched nomination, and so, so many news cycles later, the Comedy Central game show has given birth to another supercut of Hardwick’s “Accurate Descriptions of Donald Trump,” which are vivid to say the least. If the phrases “pumpkin pie filling re-animated by the River Styx,” “Jabba the Hut’s fraternity big bro,” or “evil James Spader character” don’t give you shivers, nothing will. 

Watch Chris Hardwick’s Trump Insults, Volume II