DJ Khaled and Nas’s New Video Is a Belly Reunion, Only With Less Drugs and More Cloth Talk

DJ Khaled might be a Palestinian-American with the major keys to the city of Miami, but for nearly nine minutes, just consider him the unoriginal bumbaclot. He and Nas took their Fugees-sampling “Nas Album Done” to the streets of the Bahamas, where they apparently stumbled upon Jamaican legend Louie Rankin, you know, just hanging out. You might remember Nas and Rankin once co-starred in Hype Williams’s Belly, but unlike the film, this isn’t Sincere and Ox strictly in Escobar mode. Not on Khaled’s watch, no sir. This is about “unity.” This is about “uplifting the youth dem.” This is about “inspiring the ghetto.” And what’s more inspirational than all of Nas’s brand endorsements, Khaled riding a horse in the ocean while smoking a cigar, and Khaled dancing? With Carnival-clad women! To soca! They don’t want you to see this.

Watch DJ Khaled and Nas’s ‘Nas Album Done’ Video