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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt’s New Passengers Trailer Is Begging You to Guess the Twist, So Let’s Give Them What They Want

While the first Passengers trailer (which you can peep below) only hinted at the reason space travelers Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence were roused from their cryo-sleep 90 years prematurely, this week’s event trailer is basically asking you to take a stab at the film’s big reveal point-blank. Why not give it a go? Okay, let’s see, how about … they’re both robots and this is all a training simulation? J.Law and Chris Pratt are actually in the Matrix? Michael Sheen’s cyborg barkeep isn’t a robot, but instead just a weird guy with short legs riding a futurist unicycle? You still have until December 21 to suss out the movie’s secret, but at least you know one thing for sure: There will be one hot, space sex scene.

New Passengers Trailer: Come On, Guess the Twist