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Every Day, Once a Day, Give Yourself a Present, and Today That Present Is John Malkovich Impersonating Twin Peaks’ Dale Cooper

Special agent Dale Cooper, like the owls, is not what he seems. That’s because national treasure John Malkovich decided to impersonate the beloved Twin Peaks protagonist for a new project for, where he’ll release several videos of himself recreating a popular David Lynch television or movie scene throughout this week, all to benefit the David Lynch Foundation. (Still to come? Malkovich as Peaks’ beloved Log Lady and Blue Velvet’s Frank Booth, among others.) In this just-released vignette, though, we see Malkovich as a pure embodiment of Cooper, right down to the sock garters and existential microcassette-recorder musings to Diane — with that classic Angelo Badalamenti score in the background, of course. You can view that video here, and watch the trailer for the project above. Damn fine!

Watch John Malkovich Impersonate Dale Cooper