Justin Bieber Covered 2Pac and Tracy Chapman in BBC’s Live Lounge, Just Like You Always Dreamed

While Justin Bieber’s Instagram rests in peace (for now), it’s been quite the task to keep tabs on the dude. But fear not, his hiatus doesn’t extend to IRL: While you were sleeping, Biebs stepped into BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge for the first time ever, performing a whole set for the Brits. And in keeping with Live Lounge tradition, he also trotted out a couple of his tried-and-true covers. First, he sang Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” (one of his favorite songs, apparently), handling the acoustic guitar himself. It’s a song he covered throughout his Purpose Tour and, sure, it starts off with a hiccup — but once he finds his groove, prepare to involuntarily swoon.

Next up: 2Pac’s “Thugz Mansion.” We know what you’re thinking and, before you cast doubt, remember that Biebs is a sworn hip-hop head who previously rapped a verse from this song years ago on live radio … in New York! The Biebs does not mess around and, here, he raps two verses plus the hook, only flubbing Pac’s lyrics twice. Shed a thug tear, it’s fine.

Watch Justin Bieber Cover 2Pac, Tracy Chapman