Watch Nick Jonas Haze His Brother in This Exclusive Goat Clip

You’d expect someone like Nick Jonas to look out for his brother, but in the new movie Goat, “brother” can mean two different things … and each definition tests his loyalty. There are his frat brothers, with whom he lives in a 24/7 bacchanal, and to whom he’s expected to be unquestioningly obedient. And then there’s his actual brother (Ben Schnetzer), an assault victim struggling with PTSD who we meet in a very vulnerable state as he’s pledging the frat Nick belongs to. Will the frat’s cruel hazing break his younger brother, and will Nick stand by and let it happen? You can get a glimpse of that unusual treatment in this exclusive clip, and check out Goat in full when it opens in select theaters (and on digital and VOD) tomorrow, September 23.

Watch Nick Jonas in This Exclusive Goat Clip