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No Dark Sarcasm Here: Pink Floyd Release New Music Video for ‘Grantchester Meadows’

Patience is a virtue, especially if you were hoping to ever see new material from Pink Floyd’s fourth studio album, Ummagumma so congratulations, we have some rockin’ good news for you! To coincide with the band’s upcoming box set, The Early Years 1965–1972, a nice, soothing video for the Roger Waters–penned “Grantchester Meadows” has been released. The video features a rare performance of the song taped for the BBC juxtaposed with modern pastoral scenes  with Waters and David Gilmour providing the acoustic vocals and guitars, and Richard Wright joining in on the piano. “Grantchester Meadows” is a tribute to a small village near Cambridge, England, and yes, it does indeed feature stellar contributions from taped songbirds. Those birds deserved an ambient-music record contract, dammit.

Watch Pink Floyd’s ‘Grantchester Meadows’ Video