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Watch Rachel Bloom’s SNL Audition Tape, Featuring Katharine Hepburn in Space Jam

When Saturday Night Live’s Twitter account took suggestions for potential hosts earlier this week, Rachel Bloom nobly volunteered. Knowing to always leave ’em wanting more, the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend auteur also whispered a tantalizing promise: “I could finally do the impression of Kate Hepburn auditioning for ‘Space Jam’ that was on my SNL audition tape!” Well, when Lorne Michaels finally stops kicking himself and gets Bloom to Studio 60, she’s going to need some new material. That’s because, like Kim Kardashian before her, Bloom knows that you better follow up on a bomb like that with the appropriate receipts. So, on Thursday, she released the video. It is something, indeed featuring Bloom as Hepburn as Bugs Bunny in Space Jam. Because who better to wage intergalactic battle than a transatlantic broad?

Watch Rachel Bloom’s SNL Audition Tape