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Rihanna Gives in to Drake’s Persistent Love, Totally Hugs Him First at His Concert

It might have been just weeks ago when Rihanna appeared to curb Drake’s smooch at the VMAs, but we’ve since made a couple of additions to our timeline of their rumored relationship, including several aquarium-related Instagram posts (here, here, and here), one onstage make-out session, and now this latest video of Rihanna joining Drake in concert at the Staples Center. At the concert, Rihanna hugs Drake’s back affectionately (see, guys, it’s not just all in his head!) before joining him in a performance of their collaboration “Work” and then going into her hit song “Bitch Better Have My Money.” Drake told the audience, “L.A., I pray that you find somebody that holds you down like this woman right here.” Ah, so she’s the one holding you down, Aubrey?

Watch Rihanna Hug Drake First at His Concert