Riz Ahmed and Heems Get a First-Class Ticket to Racial-Profiling Hell in ‘T5’ Video

For most people of the vanilla-toned variety, going through airport security is a breeze. But if you’re of a darker complexion, a regular TSA pass-through often becomes a routine check to suss out if you’re a terrorist. Riz Ahmed and Heems have been through it countless times; now they’d like to show you exactly what it’s like to be racially profiled at an airport. In their video for “T5” (as the Swet Shop Boys), here they are just minding their business at JFK — and looking mighty dapper, we must say — when of course they’re stopped and “randomly” searched. But it isn’t simply the humiliation of being an assumed terrorist that has Riz and Heems rightfully angry; it’s also the Donald Trumps of the world making it more and more difficult with every xenophobic insult to be an immigrant — or heaven forbid, a refugee — that’s really gotten under their apparently suspicious brown skin.

Watch Riz Ahmed and Heems’s ‘T5’ Video