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Annabelle 2 Trailer: We’re Going to Need a Bigger Cross

As if you needed another reason to be creeped out by music-box tunes and neck-cracking noises, please enjoy the first teaser for the upcoming supernatural-horror film Annabelle 2. The teaser trailer doesn’t divulge much except for a tense scratch that, terrifying meeting between a bewildered nun and a demonic doll, but the film follows a doll-maker and his wife who decide to open their large home to the nun and a handful of girls from a newly closed orphanage. But what the new lodgers don’t know is that their hosts’ daughter died several years prior under mysterious circumstances, and the doll-maker’s possessed creation is not happy to share her home with strangers. Yikes! Maybe Airbnb it next time. (Annabelle 2: Electric Scarealoo comes to theaters in May.)

Watch the Scary Teaser for Annabelle 2