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Oasis’ Supersonic Documentary Trailer: A Tale of Two Brothers

Because there’s no hitting the (wonder)wall on music docs, Oasis, you’re up: From the filmmakers behind last year’s Oscar-winning Amy Winehouse sobfest comes Supersonic, a documentary about the lightning-fast rise and painfully slow decline of Oasis. But also, it’s about Liam and Noel Gallagher’s decades-long wibbling rivalry, which has recently evolved from Noel calling Liam “a man with a fork in a world of soup” to Liam calling Noel a “potato.” Really, who wouldn’t want to document such fine British drama? It’s directed by Mat Whitecross and executive produced by Asif Kapadia (who directed last year’s Amy), and authorized to the extent that they were given access to the band’s archive. Naturally, Liam and Noel narrate the doc in separately recorded interviews. Supersonic opens October 2 in the U.K. (a U.S. release is still to come); watch its first trailer above and prepare to relive the “fucking Biblical” experience that was surviving Oasis.

Watch the Trailer for Oasis Doc Supersonic