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Vanilla Ice’s Cha-cha to ‘Ice Ice Baby’ on Dancing With the Stars Was More Hip-hop, But He’s So Happy

Stop! Collaborate and listen, Vanilla Ice is back with a brand-new invention — or, rather, with his vintage invention, which itself was something of a copycat, but it’s still super fun! On the premiere episode of Dancing With the Stars, Vanilla Ice (Robert Van Winkle) and his pro partner Witney Carson were tasked with doing the cha-cha to a song the hip-hop artist knew all too well, his mega-hit “Ice Ice Baby.” There was no denying that Vanilla and Witney tore up the floor in their sequined patriotic garb. Their moves, which included some great brushing of the shoulders and classic ‘90s-music-video choreography, were completed with skill and pizazz, though they didn’t exactly fit into the judge’s expectations for ballroom dancing. But still! Look at the ease Rob has as he kicks up his foot and spins, and the grin on his face as he does the ol’ point at the camera. He’s having fun, don’t let that end before he gets the chance to tango to “Ninja Rap.”

Watch Vanilla Ice Cha-cha to ‘Ice Ice Baby’