Nas Knows How He’d Prevent Tupac’s and Biggie’s Deaths, If Only He Could Travel Back in Time

One of the great cultural what ifs of the past 25 years revolves around imagining a world in which Tupac and Biggie resolve their 1995 beef peacefully. How would they have evolved as artists? How would their legacies be different? By their mid-40s, would they be rhyming about expensive art and inspiring pop masterpieces with their infidelity? There are so many questions that the world will never be able to answer. That is, until Google creates a time machine and sends Nas back to ‘95. The two rap Goliaths’ fellow ‘90s icon has a message from the future that he hopes would quash their beef. He also reflects on how Tupac and Biggie’s feud shaped his own early 2000s rivalry with Jay Z.

What Nas Wishes He Could Tell Tupac and Biggie