Whoopi Goldberg and Stephen Colbert Talk Cannabis, Love, and the Election on ‘The Late Show’

Here’s a clip from Whoopi Goldberg’s visit to last night’s Late Show, where she tells Stephen Colbert all about her new line of cannabis products aimed at relieving menstrual cramp pain as well as why she’s not interested in committing to a romantic relationship. “You have to work hard with a relationship. You have to be willing to do it, and I’m…I’m not. I don’t wanna.” She also offers up her two cents about the presidential candidates and November’s election: “This is the glory and the horror of our politics: Anybody can run and anybody can become president. So we, as a collective group, have to be really freaking careful about who we put in there, because this is not a show, this is our politics, this is our lives,” she says. “You can’t fire this guy. If you put him in, you cannot fire him. So just be mindful. Whatever your decision is, you have to live with it.”

Whoopi Goldberg and Stephen Colbert Talk Cannabis, […]