Watch Whoopi Goldberg Explain Vaping to Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an expert on science fiction, conspiracy theories, and the mysteries of the universe — now, finally, someone has talked to him about vaping. In this clip from the season-three premiere of Tyson’s Emmy-nominated StarTalk, the famed astrophysicist sits down with Whoopi Goldberg to discuss medical marijuana, which Goldberg says provides relief from her glaucoma-related headaches, thanks to her trusty vape pen. “I call it my sippy pen,” she tells Tyson. “I’m not looking to get high-high, but I would like to be pain-free.” Along the way, Tyson inspects the vape pen, an image that will surely inspire some great new memesStarTalk, which is now also a book, returns for its third season on National Geographic September 19.

Whoopi Goldberg Talks Vaping on Tyson’s StarTalk