Miley Cyrus Comes Into Woody Allen’s Life Like a Bewigged Wrecking Ball in the Trailer for His Amazon Series, Crisis in Six Scenes

Leave it to Woody Allen to write a television series about a guy (played by Allen) struggling to write a television series. And, of course, unlike most TV series, much of the critical discussion will probably center on Woody Allen himself. His six-episode, one-season Amazon series Crisis in Six Scenes will focus on a middle-class suburban family in the 1960s that gets thrown into confusion by the arrival of a hippie girl played by Miley Cyrus, who probably will not twerk, but will steal Woody’s oranges. Elaine May, Manhattan’s Rachel Brosnahan, and Carol and The Big Short’s John Magaro also star as fuddy-duddies caught in the revolution. Crisis in Six Scenes premieres September 30.

Watch the Trailer for Woody Allen’s Amazon Show