Adam and Naomi Scott Are Producing an NBC Comedy Starring ‘Other People’s JJ Totah

If you’ve seen Chris Kelly’s film Other People then you’re familiar with 15-year-old scene-stealer J.J. Totah, and thanks to Adam and Naomi Scott, Totah might get to star in his own comedy series at NBC. According to Deadline, Adam and Naomi Scott are producing a comedy for the network with Totah attached to star. Here’s the logline from Deadline:

Written by David Monahan and Danielle Hoover, the untitled half-hour comedy centers on fifteen-year-old JJ (Totah), an uber-confident, label defying, tour-de-force who moves from small town Indiana to New York City to live with his Aunt Nancy, an upbeat realist who’s convinced herself she’s happy with her life and will try to teach JJ that sometimes an old dream falls apart so a new one can fall together. It’s one brave step forward and two stubborn steps back as JJ pushes her to fly and Nancy pulls him back to earth… but eventually, they’ll both land somewhere in the middle of happy.

Totah will serve as a producer on the project alongside Adam and Naomi Scott, Monahan, and Hoover.

Adam and Naomi Scott Are Producing an NBC Comedy […]