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New The Affair Trailer: A Time Jump Never Precludes Crippling Despair

Get ready for another season of rash decisions, regrets, and indefensible behavior, because The Affair is returning and the third season has a new trailer. The narrative will jump three years ahead, which puts Noah (Dominic West) in jail for a crime he didn’t commit and Cole (Joshua Jackson) happily married and kinda-sorta moved on from Alison (Ruth Wilson), whose apparently successful life is marred by secret shame. And while those two sort out a custody battle for their daughter, Joanie, Noah’s ex-wife, Helen (Maura Tierney,) has to defend his humanity to their headstrong teen, Whitney, who doesn’t know her dad’s been in jail for a murder her mom actually committed. And all that is really just the most basic outline of what’s coming in season three! We would say things are about to get messy, but they are already messy as hell. The Affair returns to make you feel better about your own life on November 20.

Watch the New Trailer for Showtime’s The Affair