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Alec Baldwin Is Pro–Charlie Brown in His New Voting PSA, While You’re Here Deciding Between Trump and Clinton Like Some Kind of Idiot

If you accidentally vote for Linus instead of Gary Johnson in the actual election, that’s on you. In case you’re confused as to whether Alec Baldwin’s new voting PSA wants you to pick your favorite Peanuts character or register to vote in the much more depressing American presidential election, the answer is: Yes. Teaming up with Charles Schulz’s beloved cartoons, Peanuts Rocks the Vote beseeches you to do both at the same time. Inexplicably, Sally is currently in the lead, a real wake-up call for Establishment candidates like Lucy and Snoopy. Sadly, the lamestream media’s bias against Pig Pen has shut him out of the national conversation yet again.

Alec Baldwin Is Voting Charlie Brown in New PSA