Does Amy Schumer’s ‘Formation’ Video Finally Make You Want to Sign Up for Tidal?

The most interesting thing about Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn’s “Formation” video isn’t that Schumer shot an elaborate dance number with her Mother Daughter co-stars (lots of downtime on film sets) or their specific moves (anyone who dances to a song Beyoncé has danced to will be found wanting). No, the interesting thing is that it’s a silly goof-around video for the fans available in its entirety only through a subscription platform. Now, obviously this particular video is on Tidal because Beyoncé is a Tidal artist, but is this move a harbinger of things to come, informing us of a future filled with proprietary goof vids? And if so … is that the thing that would make you finally get Tidal?

Amy Schumer Releases ‘Formation’ Dance Video