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Archer Will Reset Again for Season 8, This Time With Good, Old Gumshoe Detective Happenings

Photo: FX

These Archer kids must have the attention span of goldfish: After retooling its premise at least three times, Archer is shaking things up again for season eight. While season seven of the then-spy show left off with — spoiler alert — Sterling Archer’s possible death, the show will pick up by flinging itself off a cliff entirely with a journey called Archer: Dreamland. As explained at the show’s New York Comic Con panel, Archer’s eighth season will take place entirely in 1947, and while the whole cast will still be there, they’ll have altered roles. Sterling Archer, for example, will shift from the spy business to P.I. work, as the gumshoe attempts to solve the murder of Woodhouse. (George Coe, who previously voiced the character, died last year.) Lana Kane, meanwhile, is a lounge singer in the new, dreamy status quo. Archer was recently renewed for three more seasons, so you’d best not get too cozy with any of the information above.

Archer Is Resetting Its Premise Again