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Ben Affleck — Er, Benny ‘The Sweet One’ O’Callahan — Urges New Hampshire to Vote

How much more would America love Ben Affleck if his real name was Benny “The Sweet One” O’Callahan? In a relatable flannel shirt and orange puffy vest, the Sweet One tells residents of New Hampshire through an aggressive Boston accent to make sure they get to the polls on November 8, because all of New England is counting on them to keep America from becoming as big of a disaster as the New York Knicks (hey-oooooo!). “So if you give a shit about women’s rights, if you care about keeping the environment safe for future generations — you ever hear of it? — if you care about people getting to piss in the fucking bathroom of their choice, well then, guess who’s got your back in this election?” That’s right. It’s New Hampshire. Because in New Hampshire they live free, or die.

Ben Affleck Wants New Hampshire to Vote