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Benicio Del Toro Is Out of Shane Black’s Predator Reboot, and Boyd Holbrook Is In

(L-R) Benicio Del Toro, Boyd Holbrook.

The dream of watching Benicio Del Toro do his best Arnold Schwarzenegger was too good to last. Del Toro has exited talks to join Shane Black’s The Predator, according to reports, and now Narcos’ own Boyd Holbrook will replace him. The project is more of an ensemble piece than the previous Predator films, and Fox is reportedly planning to mitigate the obvious difference in Del Toro’s and Holbrook’s star power (sorry, but it’s true, Boyd) by “beefing up the supporting cast.” So, expect to see Holbrook surrounded by some very recognizable, very buff character actors.

Del Toro Out of Predator, Boyd Holbrook In