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Bob Dylan’s Book Sales Skyrocket After Nobel Prize Win

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Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Getting an induction into one of the most prestigious canons of our time is good for business — who’da thunk? Bob Dylan had a surprising, if pleasing, morning, when his status as a winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature was announced. Well, the good news keeps blowin’ in, as the Associated Press reports that sales of Dylan’s books have increased in a big way thanks to the Nobel bump. Dylan’s memoir, Chronicles: Volume One, jumped from No. 15,690 on Amazon’s best-seller list on Wednesday night to No. 278 in the wake of the Nobel news, and it is now out of stock. Meanwhile, a bound compilation of Dylan’s lyrics, The Lyrics: 1961-2012, hopped from No. 73,543 to No. 209 in the same time frame. (Dylan’s music also saw the effect, with Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits and Blonde on Blonde making it to Amazon’s top 25 for CDs and vinyl by Thursday night.) Okay, so does Bob Dylan sound literary enough for all you yuckles yet?

Bob Dylan’s Book Sales Skyrocket After Nobel Win