Erstwhile Stronghold Against Capitalist Greed Bon Iver Is Selling Flannel Inspired by 22, a Million

Bon Iver - London
Photo: Andy Sheppard/Redferns

For a guy who’s got some ire for brands, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon sure does have a knack for branding. Tied to the recent release of 22, a Million, Bon Iver is selling a flannel shirt inspired by the album. The red top runs a cool $75 on Bon Iver’s website, for those of you looking for a purchasing experience that goes above and beyond the classic concert tee. The flannel’s symbology-friendly design takes its cue from 22, a Million’s cryptic visuals, but let’s get real here. If you’re scrambling to assemble a philosophical woodsman/modern Thoreau look in time for Halloween, bless your lucky stars and fish that credit card out of the bottom of your bag, because the time to act is now.

Bon Iver Is Selling 22, a Million Flannel