Bon Iver’s ‘____45_____’ Gets a Perception-Bending Lyric Video

If you suffer from frequent existential reeling, please proceed with caution: The lyric video for Bon Iver’s “____45_____” is here, and it is all kinds of bonkers. At least, it seems bonkers, but you won’t catch us out trusting our perception of reality all willy-nilly after the number done on the psyche by this one. “____45_____” is the latest track off Bon Iver’s newly released 22, a Million to get a lyric video. Coming from Aaron Anderson and Eric Timothy Carlson, the video is basically a kaleidoscope in motion. Or, depending on how exactly you see things, it’s an exercise in how you make a lyric video for a song that’s lacking in lyrics. Watch above.

Bon Iver’s ‘____45_____’ Gets Trippy Lyric Video