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Hot Damn: Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson Sued Yet Again Over ‘Uptown Funk’ Copyright

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

On the one hand, Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson are probably not thrilled at the prospect of returning to court after reaching a settlement over the Gap Band’s “Oops Upside Your Head” last year. On the other hand, you just found out about a great, new, funky song you hadn’t heard before. According to TMZ, ’80s electro-funk band Collage has filled a lawsuit against Mars and Ronson, claiming the similarities between their 1983 song “Young Girls” and “Uptown Funk” constitute copyright infringement. The song’s particular funk is definitely in the same vein as “Uptown Funk,” but at what point do a rocking brass section and sweet guitar licks define a genre rather than any one particular jam? You can listen to “Young Girls” below to make your own verdict. “Uptown Funk” you can listen to in your mind, where it is has been permanently etched into your brain.

Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson Sued Over ‘Uptown Funk’