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Bryan Cranston Reads Little Mix’s ‘Shout Out to My Ex’ As Heisenberg, Teaches That Guy a Thing or Two About Grace Under Fire

Walter White’s brand is not crisis. Sure, he’s cool-headed in the chilly, murder you kind of way, but considering how he handled his cancer diagnosis by, you know, becoming evil, he is perhaps not the paragon of the proportional response. It’s fitting, then, that Bryan Cranston, our erstwhile Heisenberg, takes his cues from a more adept survivor, Little Mix. Appearing on BBC 1 Radio’s Breakfast Show, Cranston brought back his Breaking Bad voice intonations for a reading of Little Mix’s “Shout Out to My Ex,” that classic schooling in healthy coping techniques. Now, while the prospect of a white man reading hip-hop lyrics might sound passé, don’t be the one who knocks (it) before you’ve give it a listen above.

Bryan Cranston’s Heisenberg Does Little Mix Song