Caribou to Rush Limbaugh: ‘F*ck Off, Stop Being a Bigot’

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Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Rush Limbaugh can’t stop thinking about Caribou. According to Pitchfork, on a recent episode of his show, Limbaugh explained that he was “obsessed” with Caribou’s song “Can’t Do Without You,” and wanted to play it regularly as a bumper on the show. He discovered the song while watching the TV series How To Get Away With Murder, starring Viola Davis. However, the feelings aren’t mutual. On Thursday, Caribou’s Dan Snaith tweeted at Limbaugh: “Dear Rush Limbaugh, Fuck off.” He continued, “Please either: a) stop using my music on your show or b) stop being a bigot.” You can read the tweet below.

Caribou to Rush Limbaugh: ‘F*ck Off’