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Cher and Cher Look-alike James Corden Duet on ‘I Got You Bae,’ for All You Modern Lovers Out There

After exhibiting an odd fascination with the third person earlier this week, Cher’s identity crisis continued on Thursday’s The Late Late Show when two Chers showed up. There was, you know, Cher and there was also James Corden dressed as Cher, because, lack of a Sonny aside, who can fault a guy for wanting to be Cher? Together, the duo debuted a new spin on an old classic, “I Got You Bae.” In it, Cher exhibits a mastery of emoji, but, of course, anyone who’s taken a cursory glance at her Twitter account already knew all about that.

Cher and James Corden Duet on ‘I Got You Bae’