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Close to the Enemy Trailer: Here’s Your Next Very British, Very Sexy Historical Drama

Sometimes you just need to surround yourself with comfort: a cup of tea, some toast, a soft blanket, and perhaps, a sexy British TV drama that takes place in a bombed-out London hotel in the wake of World War II. You’re going to have to get the tea, toast, and the blanket yourself, you lazy person, but luckily, Acorn TV has you covered on that last part. The British TV–focused streaming service is importing Close to the Enemy to the U.S., with weekly installments starting on November 14. The seven-episode series, which will also air on BBC2 in the U.K., has everything you could ever want in a sexy British historical drama: stiff men in suits, hotel room hookups, and a cast that includes Jim Sturgess, Alfie Allen, Alfred Molina, August Diehl, and even Angela Bassett playing the piano.

Here’s Your Next Sexy British Historical Drama