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A Stage Adaptation of Clue Is Coming to the Conservatory — No, Wait, Ballroom — No, Wait, Regional Theater

Colonel Mustard did it! It’s always Colonel Mustard!

All your generic dinner theater murder mysteries are going to be so jealous, because Clue is getting an official stage adaptation. Variety reports that Jonathan Lynn, who wrote and directed the 1985 film based on the classic Hasbro board game, is writing the script of a stage version of Clue, set to open in May at the Bucks County Playhouse in Pennsylvania before a national tour. The production is not currently targeted for Broadway and is rather “developed with an eye toward the theatrical licensing market for regional and amateur troupes,” so basically, community theaters everywhere are going to start fighting about who gets to be Professor Plum. A film remake of Clue is also in the works at Fox, while a Monopoly musical is coming to Broadway. We are not looking forward to the inevitable immersive theater take on Battleship.

Clue Is Getting a Stage Adaptation