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Ryan Murphy Teases a Future American Horror Story: Murder House & Coven Crossover Season

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Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Between plotting secret seasons and helming his various anthology series, American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy is a busy man who will work tirelessly if it means pleasing his television empire. In addition to planning the AHS seventh season, Murphy is already thinking about another future season of his cult-favorite FX horror series that, instead of drawing from various movies and books for inspiration, will rely on some of his own past material. “It’s not going to be next season, but we are going to do a season that’s a crossover between Murder House and Coven together, which is very bizarre,” Murphy revealed to Entertainment Weekly. While Murphy kept the future arch cloaked in mystery, he did clarify that characters from both of the popular seasons will interact and that scheduling conflicts prohibit a season-seven return for the Harmon Family and Salem witches. Murphy claimed that he’s already started the process, though, by “going to actors from both of the seasons, quietly.” The fact that several of the same actors appeared as different characters in the seasons, including Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and Taissa Farmiga, should lead us all to hope for some major Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde shenanigans.

AHS Will Get a Murder House & Coven Crossover