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No, Dancing With the Stars Apparently Isn’t Recruiting Billy Bush

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If you’ve fallen out of favor with the American people (say, by egging on Donald Trump’s “locker-room talk”) and need an image makeover, there is nothing more endearing to the public than joining ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, not that Billy Bush has made the path to redemption easy on himself. Page Six is apparently hoping that Bush will samba his way back into public favor following his suspension at NBC over his involvement in a recently unearthed Access Hollywood tape in which he egged on Donald Trump’s lewd comments about women, and reported that DWTS is allegedly hoping to cast Billy Bush for their next season. Hey, if it’s good enough for his dear friend Ryan Lochte, it’s probably good enough for Billy Bush. Until then, the nation’s aunts sit in judgement. And wait.

Update: A source close to the production of DWTS tells Vulture the Page Six report is “100 percent false.”

No, DWTS Isn’t Recruiting Billy Bush