Drake, Emma Stone, and Margot Robbie Scream and Writhe in the David Blaine: Beyond Magic Teaser

The new promo for ABC’s David Blaine: Beyond Magic begs the question: Is Beyond Magic maybe going too far? Should David Blaine have stopped at magic, or even a little bit before magic? It’s too late to ask him to dial it back a bit, as celebrities from Drake and Margot Robbie to Dave Chappelle and John Travolta have now been baffled and deeply grossed out by Blaine’s latest tricks. One stunt seems to involve pulling wires out of David Blaine’s throat or body cavity. Another is just him falling off a platform dozens of feet above the air. David Blaine’s grand finale appears to be straight-up getting shot in the mouth. Is the area beyond Beyond Magic just death? Is that what David Blaine is getting at? And if so, why make poor Emma Stone go there, too?

Watch David Blaine Horrify Drake and Emma Stone