David Letterman on Trump: ‘If I Had a Show, I Would Have Gone Right After Him’

If you’re curious how David Letterman might have treated Donald Trump if he still hosted The Late Show, The New York Times recently spoke with the former late night host about his thoughts on Trump’s presidential campaign and how he would’ve covered it, and Letterman said this:

If I had a show, I would have gone right after him. I would have said something like, “Hey, nice to see you. Now, let me ask you: what gives you the right to make fun of a human who is less fortunate, physically, than you are?” And maybe that’s where it would have ended. Because I don’t know anything about politics. I don’t know anything about trade agreements. I don’t know anything about China devaluing the yuan. But if you see somebody who’s not behaving like any other human you’ve known, that means something. They need an appointment with a psychiatrist. They need a diagnosis and they need a prescription.

Letterman also calls Trump “a damaged human being” and “a person to be shunned” in the interview, pointing out that Trump used to be the perfect guest who “could just take a punch like nothing” prior to becoming a presidential candidate. Read the rest of the interview over at NYT, and check out a particularly great Trump-themed Letterman clip below:

David Letterman on Trump: ‘If I Had a Show, I Would […]