Demetri Martin Explores the Mysteries of the Universe in ‘Our Fascinating Planet’

Demetri Martin recently teamed up with Funny or Die and go90 for an eight-part series called Our Fascinating Planet, and Funny or Die recently released the first two episodes online. Martin plays Ted Rimmarniet, the host of the fictional show that “explores the world and our place in it, with all the passion, wonder, and curiosity of award-winning programs like Planet Earth and Cosmos, but with none of the accuracy.” Check out the first episode above, where Rimmarniet explains the history of astronomy and how the universe was created by an extremely loud sound called the “Big Boom”: “If you can imagine a sound 605 billion trillion thousand million times louder than that, then you would be hearing something that is about one-quarter of the volume of the Big Boom.” Watch episode 2 below, and check out the rest of the series on go90.

Demetri Martin Explores the Mysteries of the Universe […]