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Doctor Strange Diagnoses the Avengers’ Civil War Injuries, Makes Subtle Pitch for Joining the Team

Ah, the stinging duality of having a friend who is a doctor. Sure, they may know what’s wrong with you, but they will inevitably condescend to you when they offer that information. In advance of the release of his own movie, Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange is here to weigh in on the last Marvel blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War. There was, after all, a high spiritual body count in the movie, because while being repeatedly slammed into cars and walls and the ground and each other doesn’t feel great, the doctor correctly assesses the true damage of Civil War as that done to Tony Stark’s (already damaged — poor guy) heart. Hm, with rumors of Doctor Strange’s introduction to the Avengers in the air, might his helpful advice have an ulterior motive? Now, the answer to that probably depends on your perception of things.

Doctor Strange Diagnoses Civil War Injuries