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Elijah Wood Is Sick of Getting Mistaken for Daniel Radcliffe, But Willing to Fight to the Death

No matter how hard he tries, Elijah Wood still gets mistaken for Daniel Radcliffe, and vice versa. In fact, even after the joke hit the cruel internet, and a GIF surfaced of Elijah turning into Radcliffe, and then back into himself, the joke still lives on, much like Harry Potter himself. “It’s so subtle that it’s creepy,” Conan says, unaware of Elijah Wood’s now-very-real-existential-crisis. Maybe that’s why when Conan suggested Wood and Radcliffe fight to settle the score, dressed as their characters of course, Wood wasn’t too hesitant. After all, Radcliffe only gets a wand, and Wood gets a sword. Let the games begin.

Elijah Wood Wants to Fight Daniel Radcliffe