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Human Actor Evan Rachel Wood Also Has Some Westworld Theories

Ah, actors. Yes, they are beautiful and wear sharp, blue suits, but they too are just robots for HBO to play with. Evan Rachel Wood says her experience shooting Westworld is like the “acting Olympics.” No kidding! Her character is a human-like robot who, being a robot and all, must easily toggle between acting human-like and giving cold, hard, analysis to her creators — all while also slowly gaining sentience. Wood’s performance has been so convincing on the show that she has heard fan theories that she herself is an actual robot. (She is not.) But the actors themselves had plenty of theories, including one that they were all Anthony Hopkins. Not bad! But perhaps the cruelest directions Wood got was in the parentheticals of the script: “No facial expression, but crying through the eyes.” We don’t even think Tyra Banks could teach you that.

Evan Rachel Wood Has Some Westworld Theories Too