Exclusive: See Jeffrey Dean Morgan As an Unconscionable Killer in Desierto

Thanks to his highly anticipated emergence as the murderous Negan on The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan may have already secured the title of Biggest Villain of 2016. And the show’s seventh season doesn’t even come out for two more weeks. But before you find out who died at the business end of Morgan’s bat in the TWD sixth season finale, you can find him in an even more terrifying turn as a sadistic “game” hunter in Desierto. The movie follows a group of people trying to surreptitiously cross the border from Mexico into the United States, and among them is our hero, played by Gael García Bernal. While on a journey that already puts them at risk of dehydration, incarceration, or death at the hands of desert wildlife, the group ends up in the gun sights of a racist self-styled border patroller named Sam (Morgan). In the exclusive clip above, we see the border crossers’ first encounter with Sam, who starts picking them off one by one from a distant high perch. As they begin to scatter, Morgan affects a scary growl as he wryly remarks, “Now you’re catching on.”

Exclusive: See Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Desierto