‘Family Guy’ Hires Billy Domineau, the Writer Behind the 9/11 ‘Seinfeld’ Spec Script

It’s been over two months since Billy Domineau’s 9/11 Seinfeld spec script blew up the internet, and fortunately the success from the script has helped him land his very first staff writing job. Domineau – who has previously worked as a freelance Weekend Update joke contributor and Onion News Network writer – was recently hired as a staff writer for Family Guy, which is currently airing its 15th season on Fox. Here’s what Domineau told us about what the Seinfeld script taught him back in August:

I feel like for many years I’d been trying to chase after what seems to be popular in the marketplace by modifying my voice in order to suit it, or by trying to tackle various media that doesn’t necessarily lend itself to my brand of humor. Eventually, about a year ago or so, I said to myself “No more of that. You’re just going to write and perform and create in a manner that you’re most interested in and you’re most comfortable in, and whatever happens, good or ill, that’s fine.” I was getting sick of the feeling of chasing after this thing and not getting results and not enjoying the process, so ultimately, this is the type of project I was happy to take on — not expecting really anything from it with the process being its own reward. And luckily, there’s been a reward on top of that.

Read our full interview with Domineau here, and if you haven’t read his Seinfeld spec script yet, you can check it out here.

‘Family Guy’ Hires Billy Domineau, the Writer Behind […]